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Well, hello! It looks as though you’re a dentist based in Canada, and let me guess; your dental practice needs more business right now? You’re looking to boost the status of your practice, get more patients through the door and turn a better profit? But you’re not sure where to start?

Not to worry; by getting to this page, it shows you’re serious about your dental practice, as you are looking for a dental marketing professional to help you achieve these goals.

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    Save Yourself Time, Effort, and Money

    Perhaps you’ve already spent multiple hours every month on an organic SEO strategy and haven’t really seen many results. Or, you’ve seen Google eat their way quickly through your Ads credit and you just get a bunch of people who click on the ad but don’t sign up to your practice.

    Well, this isn’t surprising at all… you’re not a Chief Marketing Officer! So why are you trying to do the CMO’s job? Would you let your patients perform a root canal surgery after watching a few YouTube videos?! Hell no! So why would you attempt to do your own marketing? You need a professional; someone who understands your business, someone experienced in the dental marketing industry, someone who is Google Ads certified and someone whose only job it is, is to win you new patients and make you more money!

    Why do Canadian dentists need a dental marketing agency?

    There are currently 58 dentists per 100,000 people in the Canadian population. With a current population of 37,742,150 people, that means there are around 21,890 dentists in Canada. It also means there are about 1,724 patients available per dentist in Canada. That’s peanuts! In order to make a 3-4 chair dental practice successful in Canada, you probably already know that you need about 5,000-10,000 registered patients, which means you need to start taking patients from your competitors!

    How do you do this? You need to get your business online and advertise it properly. Your dental practice needs to stand out over other dental practices in Canada and potential new patients need a reason to choose yours over others. Get in touch by clicking the red button and hire a dental expert!

    How many people are using Google to search for a new dentist in Canada each month?

    Around 60,500 people are looking for a dentist every month in Canada! The phrase “dentists near me” is typed into by Canadians every month! Breaking this down into the major cities, it’s no surprise that Toronto yields the most results with 12,590 hits. This is fantastic news if you have a dental practice in/near Toronto. Think about how many potential new patients this could mean for your business!

    However, cities like Montreal (10,290), Edmonton (9,540) and Vancouver (8,650) are not far behind. With the right dental digital marketing strategy in place, all these searches could be your potential new dental patients!

    Why use Profitable Dentistry?

    Well, think of it this way… when you just Googled for a dental digital marketing consultant to help you with your advertising, you landed on this page… ahead of digital marketing agencies in Canada! That probably speaks volumes about my SEO skills! Wouldn’t you like your dental practice’s website to be the first one that people land on ahead of the competition?

    This could happen!

    Not only am I Google Ads certified, but I have years of experience in a digital marketing agency before being brought in-house at a dental practice to completely transform their marketing and boost their patient base. I can therefore use my digital marketing expertise along with my experience in dentistry to devise the best possible marketing strategy to get more patients for your dental practice.

    How can I help you attract more dental patients to your practice?

    As a dental digital marketing consultant, I focus on the channels that have proven to be the most effective in dentistry – Google Ads and SEO. I create an effective dental marketing strategy that will focus on hitting targets over the next 6, 12 ,18 months and ensure that you get a great return on your investment.

    I set up your Google Ads campaign and target the right audience for your dental practice and am able to present positive results from the campaign right away. To complement this, if you decided to take on the full spectrum of my services, I will also work on a long-term, organic SEO strategy to get your website more visible to the right patients.

    So that I am not helping all the dentists in Canada flood their doors, I ensure that I only work with one dental practice per city (or one per 15 mile radius) so that I am not working with any of your competitors!

    How Much Will This Cost And When Can I Expect To See Results?

    If you want your practice to consistently welcome new patients and return a high profit, then I recommend investing at least $30,000 per year. That may sound like a lot, but when broken down, it’s not such a big investment.

    Gain new customers and become successful.

    For just $2500 per month, your dental practice will get the online presence it needs to gain new customers and become successful. Generally, in the dental industry, you expect to invest 7-12% of your revenue back into marketing. Therefore, if you’re an established dental clinic making around the $800,000 per year mark, an investment of $80,000 in your marketing is pretty standard.

    What do I do within this $2500 per month budget?

    What do I do within this $2500 per month budget? Well, I usually start off with a Google Ads campaign as they are a brilliant way to make an impact immediately. As a Google Ads expert, I can have you up and running with an effective campaign within just 7 days of receiving your in-depth brief.

    I also perform dental SEO services, but this takes a bit more time.

    I also perform dental SEO services, but this takes a bit more time.

    I also perform dental SEO services, but this takes a bit more time.

    Due to this taking time, I always suggest working to a 6, 12 or 24-month timeline to let the results-focused search marketing strategy have an impact and drive traffic, and therefore more patients to your business.

    Need More Convincing?

    No worries – it’s a big step for your business and how do you know whether you can trust me? Well, I’m not just a standard digital marketing consultant. I only perform dental digital marketing and therefore I understand this industry better than other digital marketing consultants or even agencies.

    Let me tell you some stats to prove it: Between 1996-2016, my father (who is also a dentist!) took in an average of 450 new patients per year. With my experience working for large digital marketing agencies, I took an interest in my father’s business and created a successful marketing strategy for his practice. In 2019 alone, he took in 1150 new patients instead of the usual 450!

    Another one I’m proud of – a private dental startup came to me with no online presence and a non-existent patient base. After implementing a dental marketing strategy for them, they suddenly saw hundreds of new patients come through their clinic door every month and the owner was able to expand from just 3 chairs in 2017 to 6 chairs in 2020! So, in just 2.5 years, this dental startup went from zero, to hero! It’s time to prescribe an effective treatment plan to turn your marketing into a lean, mean, lead generation machine. Do the right thing and get in touch now by pressing the red button.

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