Hello !

I am Florian Tomko

Your Dental Marketing Expert.

I help dentists, and only dentists, get the most out of their available marketing investment after years of creating and testing Dental SEO and Ad campaigns that work for practices like yours. The primary aim of my agency is to generate more new business leads for your dental practice and ultimately increase your profits.

Why I got into digital marketing in first place...

I started my journey into the world of search engine marketing many years ago, when I wanted to find out about ways to use the internet to help my father’s dental office attract more dental patients.

At the time, my father was struggling to attract sufficient amounts of patients and there was no marketing or advertising to promote his practice, despite being a highly rated dentist. Following significant training and testing, I soon discovered that search engine marketing e.g. Google Ads and SEO, provides a tremendous opportunity for dental practices and can lead to a significant increase in new patient numbers for dentists, regardless of which country or city they operate in.

Nowadays, my father’s practice is full of patients. From time to time his staff struggles to accommodate patients that would like to receive treatments, which is a problem I am sure all dentists would rather have. My father believes this is due to the extremely focused marketing I undertook for his practice. Following this success, I worked at a separate private dental practice as marketing manager. I started to recognise the need for dental practices to have a digital marketing agency that truly understood the needs of dental practices. So I set out to create Profitable Dentistry, a dental marketing firm that focuses solely on Google Ads and SEO for dentists.

Why choose Profitable Dentistry?

Dental industry experience.

Working successfully to increase patient numbers with both my father’s practice and direct experience working with an alternative dental practice on their marketing strategy.

Refinement of dental marketing.

I understand what type of marketing works best for dental practices, such as Ad campaign keywords and the right tools to boost your SEO.

In-depth marketing agency experience.

Having worked for and with a number of marketing agencies, I understand the best practices for businesses as well as refining my skills in line with the needs of a dental practice like yours.

So why should you invest in digital marketing?

If you’re still thinking “Why can’t I market my dental practice myself and save money?” then consider this: you wouldn’t advise someone to perform their own extraction, so why would you attempt to market your business online yourself?

Still don’t think Digital Marketing for Dentists is right for your practice? I tell every client that Digital Marketing should be every dentist’s priority in this digital era. For example, about 44 percent of patients who research hospitals on mobile devices make an appointment. Approximately 84 percent use both online and offline sources to find medical services.

As a healthcare provider, you can no longer rely solely on flyers, word-of-mouth and a sign in-front of your office to market your practice. While these techniques can certainly drive some footfall and new patients, it is oftentimes not enough to make you a striving dentist.

Don’t just rely on the marketing methods you’re comfortable with and take the first step into attracting more new patients by investing into Google Ads and SEO. My experience and expertise in dental digital marketing have helped dental practices around the world using the latest marketing techniques, and I can help yours too.

Why am I the right fit for your dental practice?

As a dental marketing consultant with first-hand experience in the field of dentistry through my dad and as a marketing manager of a private dental practice, let’s just say, I know the drill!

I can be your very own dental marketing expert, using my knowledge of dental marketing, coupled with the ins and outs of the dental industry, I can do the hard work on your behalf and save you time and resources.

Frequently Asked questions

What is your educational background?

B.S. in Business Administration, Grand Canyon University Phoenix, USA (2010-2014) Master in General Management, Vlerick Business School, Leuven, Belgium (2015-2016)

Do you hold Google Ads certifications?

You can rest assured that as a dental marketing expert, I have all the Google Analytics and Google Ads certifications that are required to get your dental practice the results you want. As part of the Google Ads Partners program, I have to renew my Google Ads certificates every 12 months, to show that I am staying up-to-date with the newest features and technologies that Google has to offer to its advertisers.

Why should I choose you over other marketing agencies?

I worked in a leading Google Premier Partner digital marketing agency as Manager of International Projects for nearly 2 years, mainly on PPC campaigns and SEO projects. I learned how to optimize websites and how to create and run profitable Google Ads campaigns from the best. I’ve also worked as Online Marketing Manager for a dental clinic start-up, where I really honed my understanding of the dental business and what is expected of a digital marketing agency. During my time there, I increased monthly lead volumes via contact forms from 20 per month to over 120 per month. And the phone lines which maybe rang a few times a day started almost constantly ringing during business hours. In just 3 years the clinic grew from a 3-chair setup to a 6 year setup. I know you don’t care about impressions, CTRs or clicks. You want to see results. New patients coming into the practice, sitting back in the dental chair, opening wide. I know you want to hear your phone ringing more as enquiries and appointments from new customers come flooding in. I know you want to see your appointments book full. I know I can help you.

Ready to build something great together?

Until now, I have limited my services to just one dental practice. But from February 2021, I will be expanding the number of dental practices I can help to 10. Strictly 10 only. I will not go above this number because I want to ensure the quality of the service I offer remains exceptional. If you want your practice to benefit from having Profitable Dentistry as your dental marketing agency, you need to be one of the first 10 to reach out. Please head over to my contact page and fill in the quick request form, so I can discover more about what you are looking for.

Would you like to start generating more dental patients on a consistent basis?

Great! I’ll be more than happy to advise you on how Google Ads and / or SEO can help you get ahead of local competitors. Get in touch via the contact form and you will soon hear back from me!

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