Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Commercial Rental Market in Midwester

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Commercial Rental Market in Midwestern City.
Download file to see previous pages… Per square foot annual rental cost = 43.12 + 7.47 * Occupancy – 3.9 * Wiring1 – 0.9 * Distance to City Center – 0.76 * Distance to Airport + 0.53 * Number of Elevator – 0.35 * Length of Lease – 0.11 * Years to last Renovations + 0.09 * Building Age.
For a 3 year lease of 50,000 sqft of newly renovated and wired space that is one mile away from city center and fifteen miles away from the nearest airport, with 75% occupancy, three elevators, four years since last renovations in a ten year old building, the predicted per square foot annual cost of rent is $34, and predicted total annual cost of rent is $1,701,712.
An office that is ten miles away from the airport its per square foot rent is valued on the real estate market at $33, while an office that is twenty miles away from the airport is valued at $26, with a discount value of 70% per mile. Similarly, the presence of office wiring is valued at $34.5, while no office wiring at $30.6, with a discount value of 10%. An office with 0.75 occupancy is valued at $29.8 per square foot, while an office with 0.97 occupancy is valued at $31.5.

Some of our citizentry believes that the 2008 recession was “man-made” because g

Some of our citizentry believes that the 2008 recession was “man-made” because greedy “wall-street” people (and corporate boses) tried to make money by peddling risky investments…coupled with a selfish accumulation of personal wealth without regard for the potential negative economic impact.  It was report that 18.4 billion dollars ($18,400,000,000) in bonuses was paid out to “wall street” people. Ironically, the pay-out money was siphoned from the bailout money (provided by the U.S. tax-payers).  Some feel that this action amounts to “Financial Treason” at a time when many of our companies are on the verge of extinction.  Your assignment is to get to know some of the “key players” and render an opinion regarding the above-mentioned information.  Assignment – Part 1  –  Write a brief profile on each of the following individuals….and include their contribution to the current economic situation (positive/negative/nuetral?):  1. Richard Fuld, former CEO, Leman Brothers  2. Allan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman  3. Robert Rubin, former CitiGroup Chairman  4. Angelo Mazilo, former Country wide CEO  5. Jimmy Cayne, former Bear Stern CEO  6. John Thain, Merrill Lynch CEO  One might ask the question….”what does this assignment has to do with this course”?  The answer is “everything”! This assignment is intended to give you a minute glimpse of the “real” business world and enhance your ability to draw meaningful conclusions and make informed/sound “business” and personal decisions.  By the way, the justification given for the receipt of such an exorbitant amount of  “bonus” money is as follows:  1.  The money has to be paid in order to attract and keep the very best managers (high performers).  2. This is a free-enterprise system. People are entitled to as much money as they can make (or take!).  3. The bonus pay-out is 44% less than what was paid out in the previous year!!  Assignment – Part 2  –  Write an opinion based on the information provided and your completion of Assignment Part 1.  Special Note:  6-10 pages (Double Spaces)  Cite reference sources.   Research Paper Requirements:  1. Submit any topic and outline which is relevant to the course for my review and approval.  2. Must be 12-15 pages /double-spaced (does not include cover page and reference sources)  3. Cite reference sources.  

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Childbirth. Download file to s

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Childbirth.
Download file to see previous pages… The rate of vaginal birth after previous cesarean increased from1989 till 1996 and declined between 1996 and 2003. In the year 2003, 27.6% of all births in the United States resulted from cesarean deliveries. (MMWR, 54(02), 46)
An institutional culture that views childbirth as pathological might have contributed to an extent for the increase in cesarean deliveries in the United States. The number of voices urging to make childbirth a human and social, rather than a medical, event signifies this. However, the institutional culture is not the sole reason for these undesirable results. The safety issues of mother and child and medico legal considerations appear to have contributed to the rise. A doctor is more likely to be sued for not doing a cesarean than for doing one. In addition, a high rate of malpractice by the midwives and the insurance costs favored the pregnant women to seek the services of an obstetrician.
Childbirth is either by means of a vaginal delivery or a cesarean section. Cesarean sections are carried out by obstetricians. A few alternatives to a normal natural vaginal delivery are there for women in US. They are natural birth with pain medication, aromatherapy at birth, home birth, midwife delivery, birthing centers, water birth and Doula assistance.

Need an argumentative essay on Bioinformatics in cancer therapy. Needs to be 8 p

Need an argumentative essay on Bioinformatics in cancer therapy. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.
Download file to see previous pages… Research proposal “Bioinformatics in cancer therapy” main idea is that cancer bioinformatics is expected to play a more important role in the identification and validation of biomarkers, specific to clinical phenotypes related to early diagnoses, measurements to monitor the progress of the disease and the response to therapy, and predictors for the improvement of patient’s life quality. Of gene-, protein-, peptide-, chemical- or physic-based variables in cancer, biomarkers were investigated from a single one to multiple markers, from the expression to functional indication, and from the network to dynamic network. Network biomarkers as a new type of biomarkers with protein-protein interactions were investigated with the integration of knowledge on protein annotations, interaction, and signaling pathway. Alterations of network biomarkers can be monitored and evaluated at different stages.
Defining something new, scientists give a chance for permanently increasing the group of patients, that need hope for everyday battle with this disease. It may be a non-relative question or a future expectation how experts in cancer bioinformatics can help clinicians to establish the potential picture of gene or protein interactions and mechanisms correlated with tumor-associated shapes, densities, or locations.
This work will be suitable for students of medical faculties and students, who study genetics and biology. This research proposal also includes reference list, introduction, and summary. Get your A!…
In this regard, the proposed research will endeavor to identify any disadvantages or flaws in the bioinformatics system that is now a major tool of experts in cancer therapies. Furthermore, the research will attempt to look for the prospects of bioinformatics, as well as cancer therapy that will be crucial for the cancer patients in the future. Additionally, it is the major objective of the proposed research to analyze studies and researchers of both perspectives that encourage and motivate the utilization of bioinformatics in cancer therapy respectively that will enable the researcher to come to a conclusion in the end of the study.
Literature Review
Due to such benefits of the application of bioinformatics in the cancer therapy and research, experts have indicated rapid and expanded amount of research on the tools of bioinformatics, and such tools are now becoming necessities during cancer therapies. Studies (Hollon, pp. 20-23, 2002) have specified that the major benefit of applying bioinformatics system is provision of updated information of biological changes in the patients’ body on real-time basis. In particular, computerized models represent biological information in a quantitatively that allows the therapists to know about the quantity of cancer cells in the body and the biological state of the patient. Such facility has resulted in positive outcomes after cancer therapies, as experts are now able to monitor the tumor growth that was not possible earlier during the absence of bioinformatics. Moreover, studies have indicated that gene expression of cancer cells is imperative and critical information that ensures efficient results after the treatment.
In a study, few experts (Chinnaiyan, pp.

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Trillion Dollar Bet. Download

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Trillion Dollar Bet.
Download file to see previous pages… Quantitative finance is still a huge part of institutional investing, but despite that fact there are still those traders who feel that it is used too much. This in the end creates a certain amount of hostility between the “rocket scientists” or “quants” and the “intuitive” traders who depend only minimally on mathematics.
What is interesting, and also unfortunate about this tension, is that no one has really conducted a study that would shed light on which approach is more optimal in terms of making money for either individual investors or financial institutions. Such a study would be fascinating, and would give much needed and incredibly valuable information on trading strategies. The viewer is given the opportunity to learn of the attempts that have been made to find a mathematical formula for risk, which after some decades of research has finally been achieved by Myron Scholes and Fisher Black, with important contributions as well from Robert Merton. The ‘Black-Scholes equation’ is now ubiquitous in financial engineering, and as the program mentions, is greatly used in trading pits to estimate the price of an option. This part of the program is actually very interesting, for it discusses the historical origins of quantitative finance, in looking at the thesis of Louis Bechalier. …
For example, the factors which lead LTCM to go into liquidation are not immediately known. The viewer is also led to believe that the LTCM organization, through its vast positioning, aggravated the financial turmoil at that time. With the unknown reasoning behind the ultimate liquidation, any such conclusions or statements first should go through serious research before any final decision is made.
No evidence for this is given in the program, and also many of the guests reflect a certain bias against quantitative finance. Bias on any topic can lead to an unfortunate sense of crucial facts being potentially ignored in favor of siding with a popular idea(s). For starters, one of the guests on the program, Stan Jonas of FINAT Brothers, makes reference to a collection of people who a consumer would want to “manage their money.” In the end, who are these people and what justifies imputing to them this rare ability Also what is their track record in investment Do they consistently make money, and is this consistency verifiable to an external observer It is these questions which are truly important, and is imperative to ask in order to have a fully well rounded understanding of the subject matter that is being assessed. Sadly, Jonas does not give any names or examples unfortunately, and his statements do reflect to an already mentioned degree of bias against the practice of mathematical modeling in finance. Such a bias in and of itself is not necessarily bad, but a reader who is really interested in studying the difference in efficacious between trading strategies, i.e. maybe between those that exploit complex mathematics and those that do not, will not gain anything from Jonas’ statements.

SLO# 1 Civil Liberties v Civil Rights  Civil liberties and civil rights are mech

SLO# 1 Civil Liberties v Civil Rights 
Civil liberties and civil rights are mechanical components that have tremendous influence on the way we live our life.  Each category can be applied in different situations, to identify different experiences for each individual.  People in the USA are beginning to question whether democracy is worth fighting for as more instances are identified in which human beings find themselves ‘above the law’ (e.g. government officials, bureaucrats and civil servants violate laws that otherwise ‘ordinary citizens’ would quickly be found guilty, and be forced to pay fines and/or be confined and incarcerated).  Visit the links below, then respond to the ensuing situations [*do your best to overlook authors’ personal opinions and rather consider the issues identified; also, consider the possibility that these situations maybe taking place in any/all of the 50 states across the USA*].
Define Civil Liberties; then define Civil Rights.  How are they similar?  How do they differ?  Which civil sequence has more influence on your life as you know it to be now?  Why do you believe this to be so?
Where do the courts weigh in?  Search the Supreme Court database:
then identify one case for each situation (i.e. Civil Liberties case; then a Civil Rights case).  Which situation would have more influence on the quality of life in the states?  Which part of the USA would register a deeper impact of judicial decision(s) reached in the case identified (i.e. in relation to making the most of your life experiences)?

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Calculation of Values. Download file to see

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Calculation of Values.
Download file to see previous pages… The following data are considered not valid for analysis: results that were reported erroneously (reporting errors) such as data with inappropriate units and “results reported as approximately 10, 100 or 1000 times greater or smaller than the majority of submitted results” (Croucher, 2004). results reported as not detected (n.d.). and results from participants not quoting a percentage recovery. Aside from these non-valid data, each report has the following points to be considered for removal of non-valid data.
Results for total fat recorded without any reference to the use of an acid hydrolysis step. and nitrogen results that appeared to be for protein i.e. results approximately a factor of 6 greater than the majority of results (Knaggs, 2004a).
Results reported as 0 ug/kg. results from participants not quoting a percentage recovery or stating na, EXCEPT for total AF, where participants submitted results that were the sum of their recovery corrected individual aflatoxins (Walker, 2005).
Participants reporting not detected and subsequently assigned a result of 0g/kg. results from participants whose recovery is outside the range 70-110%. and results below the stated LOQ including results with no LOQ stated (Leach, 2005).
The value of p estimates the limits …
t of 0g/kg. results from participants whose recovery is outside the range 70-110%. and results below the stated LOQ including results with no LOQ stated (Leach, 2005).
ii) Minimizing the influence of outliers by the use of a robust statistical procedure to derive the mean
iii) Normality (Kolmogorov – Smirnov test), or otherwise, of the distribution of the results is considered.
iv) Assessment of the standard uncertainty () of the robust mean
= /n, = the standard deviation of the robust mean
n = the number of data points used to calculate the robust mean
B. Target Standard Deviation for the Round
The value of p estimates the limits of a satisfactory performance in a FAPAS proficiency test (FAPAS, 2002). In cases where the value of p does not reflect best practice for the analyses in question, the predictive models of the appropriate form of the Horwitz equation are valuable indicators of the best practice. This equation predicts a standard deviation from a given concentration (c) and requires c to be expressed as a dimensionless mass ratio (1ppm = 10-6 or % = 10-2)
i) For analyte concentrations &lt. 120 ppb
= (0.22c) / mr
ii) For analyte concentrations 120 ppb and 13.8%
= (0.2c0.8495) / mr
iii) For analyte concentrations &gt. 13.8 %
= (0.01c0.5) / mr
c = concentration (assigned value), expressed as a dimensionless mass
mr = dimensionless mass ratio.
In all reports, the was calculated according to the equations above. In report 0141 however only the value of for the ash was estimated in this manner.

From the first e-Activity, analyze the selected two (2) resources that are avail

From the first e-Activity, analyze the selected two (2) resources that are available for security professionals to find information about threats and / or malware active today. Justify your belief these resources are helpful for security professionals

Hi, I need help with essay on Relational Leadership qualities of Colin Powell an

Hi, I need help with essay on Relational Leadership qualities of Colin Powell and how he represented them. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Download file to see previous pages… Colin L. Powell was born in Harlem in 1937 and was the son of Jamaican immigrants who were very much involved in his education and personal achievement .Colin manifested both these qualities of a bright young man and a high achiever throughout his academic career. He was well aware of his humble beginnings and he makes some interesting reflections about that in his biographical accounts.
“In the preface to his autobiography, My American Journey, Powell describes himself as “a black kid of no early promise from an immigrant family of limited means.” The audiences who pay dearly to hear Powell speak these days understandably believe that the man who rose from such unpromising beginnings to become one of the most admired public figures in the world must have grasped the secrets of leadership early on. He clung to them dearly as he became the youngest general in the Army, then found his way to the seventh floor of the State Department. “When I go out and speak,” says Powell, “I don’t talk about the chairmanship and all that stuff. I talk about being a young second lieutenant at Fort Benning, Ga. Most of what I learned about leadership I learned in my first two months there.”1
Colin Powell with his vision of success and promoting the ri…
In the year 1986 he left Washington to serve as commander of the Fifth Corps in Germany and when he returned he became the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs in Reagan’s era.
His excellent leadership qualities his 1991 service as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff made him a figure of national importancee during the successful Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm conducted to to expel the Iraqi army from Kuwait.He declined the opportunity to run for president in the year 1996. and has focused his efforts on his organisation ,America’s Promise,since then which is an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for today’s young people.This shows how his leadership has been instrumental in encouraging the youth population and also in paving the way for inspired young people.
Powell’s leadership
His political views have been moderate and he has earned great respect with the American people as an inspiration towards all.As has been pointed out in the book “Exploring Leadership”he inspires people with his actions like a good leader should.
Serving as the Secretary of State in the Bush administration, Powell was popularly perceived as moderate. Powell’s great asset was his tremendous popularity among the American people. He has played a pivotal role after September 11,in the management of America’s relationships with other nations in order to secure a stable coalition in the War on Terrorism.He has been a tactful leader and has paved the way for more moderate views amongst the Bush administration.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Age of Holidaymakers in Wal

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Age of Holidaymakers in Walmington. It needs to be at least 3500 words.
Download file to see previous pages… Systematically explore, using focus groups, and secondary data the extent of socio-economic implications caused by increase in average age of holidaymaker’s stay at Walmington-on-Sea District Council (WDC).Focus Group for case study will be carried out by taking a sample of 20 people who will from age group ranging 20-60 years in order to gain the knowledge of vast perspective.Focus Group will be undertaken through direct discussions with the individuals. The simple Random sampling design will be used to make precise inferences about the target population. The sample strategy will include younger as well as older residents of Walmington. The focus group will focus on Walmington. Most of the previous studies cover the inland regions. But the cutting edge of the study will be its concentration on the Coastal area of Walmington. Although this cutting edge will also become a hindrance because we will not be able to find much data from the previous studies to which we can refer for comparative purposes.
Most of the previous studies indicate the rising trends of migration from urban areas towards the rural regions. This is not only effecting the social factors but also changing the employment conditions (Dissart and Deller, 2000. 135-161. Lewis, Hunt, and Plantinga, 2002. 245-259).O’Reilly (2004. 102) states that these may include the weather conditions of a place and benefits to health feature highly, as do the slower pace of life, quality of life, the culture of the destination, and the cost of living, a better quality retirement or in order to be able to retire early. some wants a new a challenge or the opportunity to begin a new life. On the other hand many people see it beneficial to migrate towards suburban and rural environments.
Push Factors:
However, the study undertaken by O’ Rielly (2004) also found among those, a number of ‘push’ factors. that is, negative experiences that pushed people to think about leaving a place. People are moving to coastal towns to escape high crime rates, especially in inner city areas. Parents are migrating to give their children a better life, or a better start, or to get them away from youth culture in Britain. This is due to the fact that the urban areas are growing at a fast pace making living costly and harder to afford.
Mieszkowski and Mills (1993. 135-147) states that the lower rate of negative factors (i.e. lower social and fiscal problems) make a place favourite destination for migration. Other factors, such as population growth, household income, agricultural land rents, and commuting costs, determine sprawl and urban growth at the fringe (Brueckner and Pansier, 1983. 479-482).
Exogenous Factors:
Duffy-Deno, (1998. 109-136) states that the migration decision of the household is shaped according to the fiscal, local, and amenity factors.