I will pay for the following essay Nursing Care and Management. The essay is to

I will pay for the following essay Nursing Care and Management. The essay is to be 16 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
Download file to see previous pages… The nurse is responsible for maintaining the lines and preventing complications throughout therapy. Therefore, practically, the nurses need to know the administration methods and primary uses of intravenous therapy. As far as the peripherally inserted short intravenous catheters are concerned, the nurses need to know how to maintain, manage, and offer care to these lines and devices, since a default in such knowledge may lead to several aberrations culminating into complications that may increase the sufferings of the patients (Dougherty, 2002, 45-52). Therefore, to ensure quality and standards of care, it would be worthwhile to examine the knowledge of the nurses and their understanding about the care and management short peripheral catheters in actual practice. The intent of this study from the literature can help this researcher identifying gaps, if there be any, in the understanding of this process, and then steps to address these deviations in care can be employed to improve case based on evidence.
Background: The factors that are involved in choosing an intravenous delivery method would be dictated by the therapy’s purpose and duration. the patient’s diagnosis, age, and health history. and the condition of his veins. In peripheral intravenous therapy, the nurse is required to administer intravenous solutions through a vein in the arm, hand, leg, or foot for short-term or intermittent therapy. The nurse in this regard is required to know how to prepare the intravenous catheter insertion site, how to insert, maintain, and remove specific intravenous lines and devices. how to control infection and maintain flow rates. and how to monitor the patient’s response to therapy. The nurse has also patient-teaching responsibilities in relation to the intravenous therapy issues (HICPAC, 2002).
Although applicable to surgical intensive care practice nursing, the statement made by Chesnutt and Everhart holds good for management and care of short intravenous catheters for intravenous therapy. It has been observed that graduate nurses function as advanced beginners. These nurses mainly rely on rules and at the same time lack the clinical ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations. However, they are task oriented. In addition, a focus on completing tasks rather than using advanced planning and prevention strategies may hinder the nurses from preventing urgent situations among patients. Thus, there is a need for nurses to have the skills to anticipate and prevent complications. It is to be noted that this holds good for all clinical techniques and skills, not just intravenous catheter related complications. However, this article also does not mention about the clinical guidelines and competency requirement of registered nurses that they require to be both accountable and responsible in terms of introducing a peripheral venous catheter and prevention of complications associated with it (Chesnutt and Everhart, 2007, 36-51).
Karadeniz and coworkers in their article, “Nurses’ knowledge regarding patients with intravenous catheters and phlebitis interventions” explore these responsibilities in terms of prevention of complications associated with catheter during intravenous therapy.

Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Economics of the Environment. Download file

Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Economics of the Environment.
Download file to see previous pages… Particular issues include the cost and benefits of alternative environmental policies to deal with air pollution, water quality, and toxic substances, Solid waste, and global warming (Hanely, Shogern &amp. White, 2001). Some of the major projects, which have substantial environmental impacts, is Afforestation of Surplus agricultural land, hydroelectric schemes, Building, or widening roads, constructing a new Airport and Manufacturing cars. All the above projects are likely to generate substantial Environmental costs and/or benefits, and they can be considered as Potential Investment. Potential Investment: A Potential Investment can be defined as the Investment made by an investor for growth (profit) of his/her investments in a firm or in a project. Investors look for evidence that, we can really produce growth in our project, and they look for three important things before investing, excellent growth potential, exceptional return on investment, up to 25% to 45% and a way to get their money out. We have to show them how our opportunity will deliver all three, and doing so will be a potential investment made by an investor in our firm or in a project. A Potential Investment can also be a huge project, which has a substantial impact on the environment. It can be a Hydroelectric project, Afforestation project, Building or widening roads, constructing a new airport, and Manufacturing cars. As these projects, have many impacts such as on environment, for profit of an investor, public convenience and many more. When a project is been started, they are many calculation done for different purpose, such as profit, low initial cost, higher efficiency of the project, easy maintenance, etc… In
addition, for doing such calculation different numerical, theoretical, ratio analysis and analytical
methods such as CBA (cost beneficial analysis) and CEA (cost effectiveness analysis) are been
For this assignment, we select Afforestation of surplus agricultural land as our major
project, which deals with planting of trees on land that did not carry forest for centuries, i.e.
Afforestation is a clear shift in land use of a certain area. Afforestation in form of planting trees
and future maintenance is an investment for landowner, and possible forgone revenues from
Agriculture need to be included. Afforestation of former arable land will have many positive
environmental effects. The change from agriculture to forestry means less input of pesticides and
Fertilizers that may possibly leach to ground water reserves and the establishment of habitat for
species associated with forest. Forest’s also able to better retain nitrogen from arable use in the
ecosystem, thereby avoiding eutrophication of water reserves. In this paper, we show how CBA
can be used as a decision support mechanism for the location of new (urban) forestland, starting
from the multifunctional role of these new forests. We start with a simple presentation of the
Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) technique. Key features of these evaluation techniques are that (i)
assess the monetary value of all benefits and cost (ii) the issue of discounting and (iii) the
decision rules used in CBA. Finally, we apply the CBA to a real life policy problem. We
investigate the net benefits per Hectare of combinations of potential forests that meet the surface
restriction of 540 ha. We show the importance of including recreation benefits in the evaluation
of afforestation projects and more specifically the role of alternative forests (substitutes) in the
valuation of one specific Forest.

Create a 14 page essay paper that discusses Soft Systems Methodology. Download f

Create a 14 page essay paper that discusses Soft Systems Methodology.
Download file to see previous pages… This action research-based, interpretive approach is strongly influenced by Vickers’ (1968, pp.59,176) description of the importance of appreciative systems in dealing with human complexity. Checkland (1981), and Checkland and Scholes (1990) have attempted to transform these ideas from systems theory into a practical methodology that is called Soft Systems Methodology (SSM).
Soft Systems Methodology developed by Professor Peter Checkland is a way of dealing with problem situations in which there is a high social, political and human activity component. (Checkland, 1981) This distinguishes SSM from other methodologies that deal with hard problems which are more technologically oriented. Thus, SSM can be a useful research tool for understanding problematic ELT situations. (Holliday, 1990)
Hard problems are problems characterized by the fact that they can be well defined. The assumption is that there is a definite solution and we can define a number of specific goals that must be accomplished. Soft problems, on the other hand, are difficult to define.When we think of soft problems, we don’t think of problems but of problem situations. It is the classic situation of it not being a “problem” but an “opportunity”. Soft Systems methodology was developed for the express purpose of dealing with problems of this type.His “Soft Systems Methodology” was created through a number of research projects in industry and its application and refinement over a number of years. A leading SSM specialist in Japan, suggests that SSM can be a useful research tool in the educational context, and argues that it can be applied to any messy, problematic human situation that requires decision-making aimed at improvement (Kijima, 1999) The most important feature of this analysis of data, information and knowledge is that the act of creating information is a human act, not one which a machine can accomplish. It is the human being who can attribute meaning to the selected data. (Checkland, Holwell, 1998)
SSM is divided into seven distinct stages. These are.
1.Finding out about the problem situation. This is basic research into the problem area. Who are the key players How does the process work now etc.
2.Expressing the problem situation through Rich Pictures. As with any type of diagram, more knowledge can be communicated visually. A picture is worth a 1000 words.
3.Selecting how to view the situation and producing root definitions. From what different perspectives can we look at this problem situation.
4.Building conceptual models of what the system must do for each root definitions. You have basic “Whats” from the root definitions. Now begin to define “Hows”.
5.Comparison of the conceptual models with the real world. Compare the results from steps 4 and 2 and see where they differ and are similar.
6.Identify feasible and desirable changes. Are there ways of improving the situation.
7.Recommendations for taking action to improve the problem situation. How would you implement the changes from step 6.
Step 1: Problem situation unstructured
The initial stage consists simply of managers and/or employees (problem owner) deciding that a review or change of tasks and the way they are performed is required, and an analyst (problem solver) is called in to review and provide recommendations.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Bottled Water Industry. It

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Bottled Water Industry. It needs to be at least 1750 words.
Download file to see previous pages… In 1990, it was found that Perrier bottles contains Benzene contents which are poisonous and even though Perrier assured it was a minor mistake done during operations, people didn’t believe and had to reposition their brand after calling back 160 million dollars worth of sale. Perrier then introduced the lime and lemon flavors, and to introduce new stuff, they have also introduced Grape mint flavor after 2000. The bottled water boom was actually an unpredicted and strange phenomenon because the demand rose when Britain was at a height of recession, but now that it is mature and people are consuming it, there is cut-throat competition to capture the 1 million Euros per day market (second-opinions.co.uk).
The UK market for natural bottled water has grown by 54% between 1993 and 1997, with volume sales reaching 804 million lt and worth an estimated 402 million pounds sterling. Still mineral water sales amount to 504 million lt in 1997, representing 62.6% of the market, with sparkling water sales estimated at 300 million lt. Premier Waters, with its Evian and Voltic brands, leads the branded market with a 17.6% share. The mineral waters market is forecast to reach volume sales of 1.42 billion lt by 2002, worth 493.6 million pounds sterling (faqs.org).
Spokeswoman for P…
This resulted in Perrier having 5.7% of total market share in bottled water market and it was ranked third, with Arrowhead and Sparkletts at number 1 and 2 respectively. Unlike most of the similar products that promote health and safety through the water, Perrier shows the way to be cool and target youth. The restaurant chains make a big time business for Perrier as the brand is widely used and even after so many ups and downs with the brand, it still remains at the top with a relatively good image. Perrier’s sales in 1987 were 180 million Euros and they captured 40% of the market that year (books.google.com).
Although the UK government and the ministry has tried several times to tell people that tap water is as safe as mineral water and they should not spend Euros on it, but nothing helped and people still use it in a large quantity. The market has now grown to more than 92 mineral water producers and another 30+ flavored mineral water producers. Most of the companies market themselves as a drink that is a family need, with sophistication and love. On the other hand, only Strathmore water and Perrier markets itself as a cool and chilling drink for the youth which should be taken on beaches and events. The most common observation is the sport event sponsoring done by most of the companies. Highland Spring sponsored UK cycling marathon held in January 2010 and British tennis in November 2009 (highland-spring.com), similarly Buxton water called itself ‘the official water of England cricket’. This shows that there is a cut throat competition and companies are constantly trying to be at the top by spending millions on advertising and promotional campaigns.

PAPER & POWERPOINT Write a 2-3-page paper in addition to a PowerPoint slide show

Write a 2-3-page paper in addition to a PowerPoint slide show with minimum of 7 slides.  References in APA, use examples of physics principles in use in everyday life use each concept only one time in the presentation
Imagine you are a writer for Physics Today (or insert whatever physics pop journal you wish), and you are to create a travel vlog for an overseas trip.  In your presentation, your editor wants you to include all relative physics concepts that you encounter in your journey.
For the heart of the presentation, your editor has deemed it essential to address the following core issues and questions: 
Identify physics principles in various real-world examples: using cellphones, CD’s
Identify the use of the scientific method in a modern physical problem: eclipse information using hypothesis, theory or law
Identify the use of classical physics principles in relation to a real life situation: walking, running, friction (helps the care stay on the road) 
Identify physics principles in various real-world examples, and connect to your own experience: flight, momentum
Identify physics principles in various real-world examples and modern technology.
Identify a technology that uses quantum mechanics, and connect to your own experience: quantum, cryptography, medical imaging

I will pay for the following essay Global Impacts. The essay is to be 18 pages w

I will pay for the following essay Global Impacts. The essay is to be 18 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
Download file to see previous pages… Louis Vuitton is a luxury fashion and leather goods company headquartered in Paris and France. (Louis Vuitton) India is fast becoming an international fashion destination, coordinating efforts with international designers so that Indian designers are exposed internationally and foreign designs are exposed in India. (Business Desk, 2009) However, there are a number of internal and external environmental factors with respect to marketing strategies that Louis Vuitton will be required to take into account for the purpose of adapting to and entering the India market. Each of these factors will be examined in this essay.
In order to facilitate a smooth transition into the Indian business environment Louis Vuitton will be required to understand the cultural differences. The Hofstede Model of Cultural Dimensions can act as a useful guideline for determining the cultural differences in India and what can be done in the business organization to accommodate those differences. Hofstede identified five cultural dimensions that are relevant for global marketing strategies.
The first cultural dimension on Hofstede’s cultural dimension scale is Power Distance Index (PDI). PDI draws on the level of equity and inequity among the population in a nation’s society. High Power Distance Index will mean that power and wealth is distributed at a high rate of inequality in that society. In this regard citizens are generally denied upward growth. Low Power Distance typically means that the society is driven by equal opportunities ambitions.(Hofstede, 2001) According to Hofstede’s Power Distance Index, India ranks 77 which is high. However, it is not that far ahead of France’s PDI which is at 68 (Hofstede’s Dimension of Culture Scale) The average PDI around the globe is 56. (Hofstede’s Dimension of Culture Scale)
The difficulty with countries showing high PDI rankings for businesses is that the individual from that culture will typically defer to higher authority for a decision even if they are aware that something is terribly wrong and what measures are required to correct it. The Korean Air crash in Guam is one example of the consequences of a high PDI ranking. In this scenario, the pilot made an error which the co-pilot was aware of, but deferred to the pilot’s decision who was his superior.(Gladwell, 2008) For the purposes of internal organization of the business office in India, Indian employees are likely to adhere to the power structure within the organization. Even so, a high PDI is also indicative of fear of and ambivalence toward anything foreign.(Chan and Cheung, 2008)
The second of Hofstede’s cultural dimension is Individualism (IDV). IDV emphasises the level with which the particular society focuses on either individual or collective relationships and achievements. A country with a high IDV ranking is generally one in which the emphasis is on individuality and individual rights. Persons within in high IDV countries gravitate toward more relaxed relationships. Conversely, low IDV rankings are typically characterised by collectivism and more tightly woven relationships between persons. Low ranking IDV countries typically focus on families and a collective approach toward looking out for the members within in their tightly woven circle.(Hofstede, 2001) India’s IDV ranking is 48 and relatively low when compared to France which is at 71.

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Virgin Atlantic A Premium Brand. Down

Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Virgin Atlantic A Premium Brand.
Download file to see previous pages… The airline industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The airline industry is playing a major role towards the growth of the world economy and also helping to increase tourism activities. The concept of high quality and money worthy airline was introduced in 1984. Virgin Atlantic is world’s first luxurious airline established by the founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson. Virgin Atlantic is headquartered in West Sussex, UK. Nowadays the company is operating globally. For example, Virgin Atlantic provides airline service in countries such as Australia, Caribbean, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Nigeria, South Africa, Dubai, and the USA. At present Virgin Atlantic Airways has a fleet of ten Airbus A330-300s, Four Airbus A340 aircraft, and five Boeings 747. They already have ordered six Airbus A380 aircraft which will be in operation from the year 2015. The company also operates with cargo flights in some countries of the world. Apart from that, the company has also entered the hospitality industry in 1984 and launched Virgin Holidays. Virgin Holidays tour and traveling venture that operates in the new Virgin Atlantic routes such as Orlando, Miami etc. Some of the major competitors of Virgin Atlantic are British Airways, Air France, and the Fly Emirates. Presently, the employee strength of Virgin Atlantic is around 9000 worldwide. Last financial year Virgin Atlantic earned £46.8m revenue while their annual turnover is around £2m. Virgin Atlantic is acknowledged globally for its excellence in services to the customers and the unique promotional strategy. Through this report, the competitive strategies and core competencies of Virgin Atlantic airline will be uncovered.

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Commercial Rental Market in Midwester

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Commercial Rental Market in Midwestern City.
Download file to see previous pages… Per square foot annual rental cost = 43.12 + 7.47 * Occupancy – 3.9 * Wiring1 – 0.9 * Distance to City Center – 0.76 * Distance to Airport + 0.53 * Number of Elevator – 0.35 * Length of Lease – 0.11 * Years to last Renovations + 0.09 * Building Age.
For a 3 year lease of 50,000 sqft of newly renovated and wired space that is one mile away from city center and fifteen miles away from the nearest airport, with 75% occupancy, three elevators, four years since last renovations in a ten year old building, the predicted per square foot annual cost of rent is $34, and predicted total annual cost of rent is $1,701,712.
An office that is ten miles away from the airport its per square foot rent is valued on the real estate market at $33, while an office that is twenty miles away from the airport is valued at $26, with a discount value of 70% per mile. Similarly, the presence of office wiring is valued at $34.5, while no office wiring at $30.6, with a discount value of 10%. An office with 0.75 occupancy is valued at $29.8 per square foot, while an office with 0.97 occupancy is valued at $31.5.

Some of our citizentry believes that the 2008 recession was “man-made” because g

Some of our citizentry believes that the 2008 recession was “man-made” because greedy “wall-street” people (and corporate boses) tried to make money by peddling risky investments…coupled with a selfish accumulation of personal wealth without regard for the potential negative economic impact.  It was report that 18.4 billion dollars ($18,400,000,000) in bonuses was paid out to “wall street” people. Ironically, the pay-out money was siphoned from the bailout money (provided by the U.S. tax-payers).  Some feel that this action amounts to “Financial Treason” at a time when many of our companies are on the verge of extinction.  Your assignment is to get to know some of the “key players” and render an opinion regarding the above-mentioned information.  Assignment – Part 1  –  Write a brief profile on each of the following individuals….and include their contribution to the current economic situation (positive/negative/nuetral?):  1. Richard Fuld, former CEO, Leman Brothers  2. Allan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman  3. Robert Rubin, former CitiGroup Chairman  4. Angelo Mazilo, former Country wide CEO  5. Jimmy Cayne, former Bear Stern CEO  6. John Thain, Merrill Lynch CEO  One might ask the question….”what does this assignment has to do with this course”?  The answer is “everything”! This assignment is intended to give you a minute glimpse of the “real” business world and enhance your ability to draw meaningful conclusions and make informed/sound “business” and personal decisions.  By the way, the justification given for the receipt of such an exorbitant amount of  “bonus” money is as follows:  1.  The money has to be paid in order to attract and keep the very best managers (high performers).  2. This is a free-enterprise system. People are entitled to as much money as they can make (or take!).  3. The bonus pay-out is 44% less than what was paid out in the previous year!!  Assignment – Part 2  –  Write an opinion based on the information provided and your completion of Assignment Part 1.  Special Note:  6-10 pages (Double Spaces)  Cite reference sources.   Research Paper Requirements:  1. Submit any topic and outline which is relevant to the course for my review and approval.  2. Must be 12-15 pages /double-spaced (does not include cover page and reference sources)  3. Cite reference sources.  

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Childbirth. Download file to s

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Childbirth.
Download file to see previous pages… The rate of vaginal birth after previous cesarean increased from1989 till 1996 and declined between 1996 and 2003. In the year 2003, 27.6% of all births in the United States resulted from cesarean deliveries. (MMWR, 54(02), 46)
An institutional culture that views childbirth as pathological might have contributed to an extent for the increase in cesarean deliveries in the United States. The number of voices urging to make childbirth a human and social, rather than a medical, event signifies this. However, the institutional culture is not the sole reason for these undesirable results. The safety issues of mother and child and medico legal considerations appear to have contributed to the rise. A doctor is more likely to be sued for not doing a cesarean than for doing one. In addition, a high rate of malpractice by the midwives and the insurance costs favored the pregnant women to seek the services of an obstetrician.
Childbirth is either by means of a vaginal delivery or a cesarean section. Cesarean sections are carried out by obstetricians. A few alternatives to a normal natural vaginal delivery are there for women in US. They are natural birth with pain medication, aromatherapy at birth, home birth, midwife delivery, birthing centers, water birth and Doula assistance.