Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Economics of the Environment. Download file

Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Economics of the Environment.
Download file to see previous pages… Particular issues include the cost and benefits of alternative environmental policies to deal with air pollution, water quality, and toxic substances, Solid waste, and global warming (Hanely, Shogern &amp. White, 2001). Some of the major projects, which have substantial environmental impacts, is Afforestation of Surplus agricultural land, hydroelectric schemes, Building, or widening roads, constructing a new Airport and Manufacturing cars. All the above projects are likely to generate substantial Environmental costs and/or benefits, and they can be considered as Potential Investment. Potential Investment: A Potential Investment can be defined as the Investment made by an investor for growth (profit) of his/her investments in a firm or in a project. Investors look for evidence that, we can really produce growth in our project, and they look for three important things before investing, excellent growth potential, exceptional return on investment, up to 25% to 45% and a way to get their money out. We have to show them how our opportunity will deliver all three, and doing so will be a potential investment made by an investor in our firm or in a project. A Potential Investment can also be a huge project, which has a substantial impact on the environment. It can be a Hydroelectric project, Afforestation project, Building or widening roads, constructing a new airport, and Manufacturing cars. As these projects, have many impacts such as on environment, for profit of an investor, public convenience and many more. When a project is been started, they are many calculation done for different purpose, such as profit, low initial cost, higher efficiency of the project, easy maintenance, etc… In
addition, for doing such calculation different numerical, theoretical, ratio analysis and analytical
methods such as CBA (cost beneficial analysis) and CEA (cost effectiveness analysis) are been
For this assignment, we select Afforestation of surplus agricultural land as our major
project, which deals with planting of trees on land that did not carry forest for centuries, i.e.
Afforestation is a clear shift in land use of a certain area. Afforestation in form of planting trees
and future maintenance is an investment for landowner, and possible forgone revenues from
Agriculture need to be included. Afforestation of former arable land will have many positive
environmental effects. The change from agriculture to forestry means less input of pesticides and
Fertilizers that may possibly leach to ground water reserves and the establishment of habitat for
species associated with forest. Forest’s also able to better retain nitrogen from arable use in the
ecosystem, thereby avoiding eutrophication of water reserves. In this paper, we show how CBA
can be used as a decision support mechanism for the location of new (urban) forestland, starting
from the multifunctional role of these new forests. We start with a simple presentation of the
Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) technique. Key features of these evaluation techniques are that (i)
assess the monetary value of all benefits and cost (ii) the issue of discounting and (iii) the
decision rules used in CBA. Finally, we apply the CBA to a real life policy problem. We
investigate the net benefits per Hectare of combinations of potential forests that meet the surface
restriction of 540 ha. We show the importance of including recreation benefits in the evaluation
of afforestation projects and more specifically the role of alternative forests (substitutes) in the
valuation of one specific Forest.

Create a 14 page essay paper that discusses Soft Systems Methodology. Download f

Create a 14 page essay paper that discusses Soft Systems Methodology.
Download file to see previous pages… This action research-based, interpretive approach is strongly influenced by Vickers’ (1968, pp.59,176) description of the importance of appreciative systems in dealing with human complexity. Checkland (1981), and Checkland and Scholes (1990) have attempted to transform these ideas from systems theory into a practical methodology that is called Soft Systems Methodology (SSM).
Soft Systems Methodology developed by Professor Peter Checkland is a way of dealing with problem situations in which there is a high social, political and human activity component. (Checkland, 1981) This distinguishes SSM from other methodologies that deal with hard problems which are more technologically oriented. Thus, SSM can be a useful research tool for understanding problematic ELT situations. (Holliday, 1990)
Hard problems are problems characterized by the fact that they can be well defined. The assumption is that there is a definite solution and we can define a number of specific goals that must be accomplished. Soft problems, on the other hand, are difficult to define.When we think of soft problems, we don’t think of problems but of problem situations. It is the classic situation of it not being a “problem” but an “opportunity”. Soft Systems methodology was developed for the express purpose of dealing with problems of this type.His “Soft Systems Methodology” was created through a number of research projects in industry and its application and refinement over a number of years. A leading SSM specialist in Japan, suggests that SSM can be a useful research tool in the educational context, and argues that it can be applied to any messy, problematic human situation that requires decision-making aimed at improvement (Kijima, 1999) The most important feature of this analysis of data, information and knowledge is that the act of creating information is a human act, not one which a machine can accomplish. It is the human being who can attribute meaning to the selected data. (Checkland, Holwell, 1998)
SSM is divided into seven distinct stages. These are.
1.Finding out about the problem situation. This is basic research into the problem area. Who are the key players How does the process work now etc.
2.Expressing the problem situation through Rich Pictures. As with any type of diagram, more knowledge can be communicated visually. A picture is worth a 1000 words.
3.Selecting how to view the situation and producing root definitions. From what different perspectives can we look at this problem situation.
4.Building conceptual models of what the system must do for each root definitions. You have basic “Whats” from the root definitions. Now begin to define “Hows”.
5.Comparison of the conceptual models with the real world. Compare the results from steps 4 and 2 and see where they differ and are similar.
6.Identify feasible and desirable changes. Are there ways of improving the situation.
7.Recommendations for taking action to improve the problem situation. How would you implement the changes from step 6.
Step 1: Problem situation unstructured
The initial stage consists simply of managers and/or employees (problem owner) deciding that a review or change of tasks and the way they are performed is required, and an analyst (problem solver) is called in to review and provide recommendations.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Bottled Water Industry. It

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Bottled Water Industry. It needs to be at least 1750 words.
Download file to see previous pages… In 1990, it was found that Perrier bottles contains Benzene contents which are poisonous and even though Perrier assured it was a minor mistake done during operations, people didn’t believe and had to reposition their brand after calling back 160 million dollars worth of sale. Perrier then introduced the lime and lemon flavors, and to introduce new stuff, they have also introduced Grape mint flavor after 2000. The bottled water boom was actually an unpredicted and strange phenomenon because the demand rose when Britain was at a height of recession, but now that it is mature and people are consuming it, there is cut-throat competition to capture the 1 million Euros per day market (
The UK market for natural bottled water has grown by 54% between 1993 and 1997, with volume sales reaching 804 million lt and worth an estimated 402 million pounds sterling. Still mineral water sales amount to 504 million lt in 1997, representing 62.6% of the market, with sparkling water sales estimated at 300 million lt. Premier Waters, with its Evian and Voltic brands, leads the branded market with a 17.6% share. The mineral waters market is forecast to reach volume sales of 1.42 billion lt by 2002, worth 493.6 million pounds sterling (
Spokeswoman for P…
This resulted in Perrier having 5.7% of total market share in bottled water market and it was ranked third, with Arrowhead and Sparkletts at number 1 and 2 respectively. Unlike most of the similar products that promote health and safety through the water, Perrier shows the way to be cool and target youth. The restaurant chains make a big time business for Perrier as the brand is widely used and even after so many ups and downs with the brand, it still remains at the top with a relatively good image. Perrier’s sales in 1987 were 180 million Euros and they captured 40% of the market that year (
Although the UK government and the ministry has tried several times to tell people that tap water is as safe as mineral water and they should not spend Euros on it, but nothing helped and people still use it in a large quantity. The market has now grown to more than 92 mineral water producers and another 30+ flavored mineral water producers. Most of the companies market themselves as a drink that is a family need, with sophistication and love. On the other hand, only Strathmore water and Perrier markets itself as a cool and chilling drink for the youth which should be taken on beaches and events. The most common observation is the sport event sponsoring done by most of the companies. Highland Spring sponsored UK cycling marathon held in January 2010 and British tennis in November 2009 (, similarly Buxton water called itself ‘the official water of England cricket’. This shows that there is a cut throat competition and companies are constantly trying to be at the top by spending millions on advertising and promotional campaigns.

PAPER & POWERPOINT Write a 2-3-page paper in addition to a PowerPoint slide show

Write a 2-3-page paper in addition to a PowerPoint slide show with minimum of 7 slides.  References in APA, use examples of physics principles in use in everyday life use each concept only one time in the presentation
Imagine you are a writer for Physics Today (or insert whatever physics pop journal you wish), and you are to create a travel vlog for an overseas trip.  In your presentation, your editor wants you to include all relative physics concepts that you encounter in your journey.
For the heart of the presentation, your editor has deemed it essential to address the following core issues and questions: 
Identify physics principles in various real-world examples: using cellphones, CD’s
Identify the use of the scientific method in a modern physical problem: eclipse information using hypothesis, theory or law
Identify the use of classical physics principles in relation to a real life situation: walking, running, friction (helps the care stay on the road) 
Identify physics principles in various real-world examples, and connect to your own experience: flight, momentum
Identify physics principles in various real-world examples and modern technology.
Identify a technology that uses quantum mechanics, and connect to your own experience: quantum, cryptography, medical imaging

I will pay for the following essay Global Impacts. The essay is to be 18 pages w

I will pay for the following essay Global Impacts. The essay is to be 18 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
Download file to see previous pages… Louis Vuitton is a luxury fashion and leather goods company headquartered in Paris and France. (Louis Vuitton) India is fast becoming an international fashion destination, coordinating efforts with international designers so that Indian designers are exposed internationally and foreign designs are exposed in India. (Business Desk, 2009) However, there are a number of internal and external environmental factors with respect to marketing strategies that Louis Vuitton will be required to take into account for the purpose of adapting to and entering the India market. Each of these factors will be examined in this essay.
In order to facilitate a smooth transition into the Indian business environment Louis Vuitton will be required to understand the cultural differences. The Hofstede Model of Cultural Dimensions can act as a useful guideline for determining the cultural differences in India and what can be done in the business organization to accommodate those differences. Hofstede identified five cultural dimensions that are relevant for global marketing strategies.
The first cultural dimension on Hofstede’s cultural dimension scale is Power Distance Index (PDI). PDI draws on the level of equity and inequity among the population in a nation’s society. High Power Distance Index will mean that power and wealth is distributed at a high rate of inequality in that society. In this regard citizens are generally denied upward growth. Low Power Distance typically means that the society is driven by equal opportunities ambitions.(Hofstede, 2001) According to Hofstede’s Power Distance Index, India ranks 77 which is high. However, it is not that far ahead of France’s PDI which is at 68 (Hofstede’s Dimension of Culture Scale) The average PDI around the globe is 56. (Hofstede’s Dimension of Culture Scale)
The difficulty with countries showing high PDI rankings for businesses is that the individual from that culture will typically defer to higher authority for a decision even if they are aware that something is terribly wrong and what measures are required to correct it. The Korean Air crash in Guam is one example of the consequences of a high PDI ranking. In this scenario, the pilot made an error which the co-pilot was aware of, but deferred to the pilot’s decision who was his superior.(Gladwell, 2008) For the purposes of internal organization of the business office in India, Indian employees are likely to adhere to the power structure within the organization. Even so, a high PDI is also indicative of fear of and ambivalence toward anything foreign.(Chan and Cheung, 2008)
The second of Hofstede’s cultural dimension is Individualism (IDV). IDV emphasises the level with which the particular society focuses on either individual or collective relationships and achievements. A country with a high IDV ranking is generally one in which the emphasis is on individuality and individual rights. Persons within in high IDV countries gravitate toward more relaxed relationships. Conversely, low IDV rankings are typically characterised by collectivism and more tightly woven relationships between persons. Low ranking IDV countries typically focus on families and a collective approach toward looking out for the members within in their tightly woven circle.(Hofstede, 2001) India’s IDV ranking is 48 and relatively low when compared to France which is at 71.

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Indian Culture. Download file to see

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Indian Culture.
Download file to see previous pages… In such cases, there things that really made my experience in tackling this book more exciting, that enhanced my interest in tackling the aforementioned subject. Of course there are conflicts and theories that have been formulated not only in dealing with the book but during my studies, I was able to formulated insights and theories that somehow prompted me to look for possible answers for such queries.
After the continuous cycle of the query-and-search phenomenon, I come into a decision that indeed, there are a lot of determinants in order to know formation of culture and how they influence and drive others.
For instance, a theory describes that India, somehow adopt some western culture perhaps in the field of arts as some of the ancient arts in India don’t seem to have similarities but also a conflict rose up as some says that most of the Indian arts today do have ancient touch while some insist the uniqueness of the Indian arts.
For i
For instance, let us look into the TV and film industry of India, it is an established fact that I hold a name for it and Indian Films are most of the time pendulum of some juries in different festivals in the world. Indian Films indeed have gone a long way as many of the students and film enthusiast tend to go on this place just to study the aforementioned subject. But going back to the focal point on Ethnography of India, the description of this nation when it comes to art particularly in motion picture is nowhere to be found not until the late 1970’s. These are just some of the things that are to be tackled in ethnography particularly about the above mentioned book.
To make things more clearly, let us first delve into the definition of Ethnography. Wikipedia (2006) defined ethnography as ” (from the Greek ethnos = nation and graphein = writing) refers to the genre of writing that presents qualitative description of human social phenomena, based on fieldwork. Ethnography presents the results of a holistic research method founded on the idea that a system’s properties cannot necessarily be accurately understood independently of each other. The genre has both formal and historical connections to travel writing and colonial office reports. Several academic traditions, in particular the constructivist and relativist paradigms, claim ethnographic research as a valid research method.”
This means that definition clearly stated that it has something to do with the social phenomena. In my first example in the Indian films, it was defined that from social aspects of India comes the cultivation of the now-acknowledged Indian Films. In that example, the arguments that were presented were not just simple statements but they were studied by credible individuals before making such conclusions and take note that India and its people are the focal point of this that categorize the .book as ethnography.

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Trillion Dollar Bet. Download

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Trillion Dollar Bet.
Download file to see previous pages… Quantitative finance is still a huge part of institutional investing, but despite that fact there are still those traders who feel that it is used too much. This in the end creates a certain amount of hostility between the “rocket scientists” or “quants” and the “intuitive” traders who depend only minimally on mathematics.
What is interesting, and also unfortunate about this tension, is that no one has really conducted a study that would shed light on which approach is more optimal in terms of making money for either individual investors or financial institutions. Such a study would be fascinating, and would give much needed and incredibly valuable information on trading strategies. The viewer is given the opportunity to learn of the attempts that have been made to find a mathematical formula for risk, which after some decades of research has finally been achieved by Myron Scholes and Fisher Black, with important contributions as well from Robert Merton. The ‘Black-Scholes equation’ is now ubiquitous in financial engineering, and as the program mentions, is greatly used in trading pits to estimate the price of an option. This part of the program is actually very interesting, for it discusses the historical origins of quantitative finance, in looking at the thesis of Louis Bechalier. …
For example, the factors which lead LTCM to go into liquidation are not immediately known. The viewer is also led to believe that the LTCM organization, through its vast positioning, aggravated the financial turmoil at that time. With the unknown reasoning behind the ultimate liquidation, any such conclusions or statements first should go through serious research before any final decision is made.
No evidence for this is given in the program, and also many of the guests reflect a certain bias against quantitative finance. Bias on any topic can lead to an unfortunate sense of crucial facts being potentially ignored in favor of siding with a popular idea(s). For starters, one of the guests on the program, Stan Jonas of FINAT Brothers, makes reference to a collection of people who a consumer would want to “manage their money.” In the end, who are these people and what justifies imputing to them this rare ability Also what is their track record in investment Do they consistently make money, and is this consistency verifiable to an external observer It is these questions which are truly important, and is imperative to ask in order to have a fully well rounded understanding of the subject matter that is being assessed. Sadly, Jonas does not give any names or examples unfortunately, and his statements do reflect to an already mentioned degree of bias against the practice of mathematical modeling in finance. Such a bias in and of itself is not necessarily bad, but a reader who is really interested in studying the difference in efficacious between trading strategies, i.e. maybe between those that exploit complex mathematics and those that do not, will not gain anything from Jonas’ statements.

SLO# 1 Civil Liberties v Civil Rights  Civil liberties and civil rights are mech

SLO# 1 Civil Liberties v Civil Rights 
Civil liberties and civil rights are mechanical components that have tremendous influence on the way we live our life.  Each category can be applied in different situations, to identify different experiences for each individual.  People in the USA are beginning to question whether democracy is worth fighting for as more instances are identified in which human beings find themselves ‘above the law’ (e.g. government officials, bureaucrats and civil servants violate laws that otherwise ‘ordinary citizens’ would quickly be found guilty, and be forced to pay fines and/or be confined and incarcerated).  Visit the links below, then respond to the ensuing situations [*do your best to overlook authors’ personal opinions and rather consider the issues identified; also, consider the possibility that these situations maybe taking place in any/all of the 50 states across the USA*].
Define Civil Liberties; then define Civil Rights.  How are they similar?  How do they differ?  Which civil sequence has more influence on your life as you know it to be now?  Why do you believe this to be so?
Where do the courts weigh in?  Search the Supreme Court database:
then identify one case for each situation (i.e. Civil Liberties case; then a Civil Rights case).  Which situation would have more influence on the quality of life in the states?  Which part of the USA would register a deeper impact of judicial decision(s) reached in the case identified (i.e. in relation to making the most of your life experiences)?

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Governments Crime Strategy. Download file t

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Governments Crime Strategy.
Download file to see previous pages… These programs only started when people started to realize that arrest and punishment was not the only way out of crimes because punishment can only be awarded when a person has already committed a crime. To cut off the roots of crime it is essential to stop the crime from being committed and this is what exactly the motive of these programs is. One such program launched by the government on 29th November 1999 is set to tackle all the problems suffered by the general public. The new Crime Reduction Strategy set out by the government is set to remove all the problems of crime happening in the UK. Different approaches of handling crime are given out by this strategy which is aimed at lowering the crime rates in accordance to their level. Furthermore this strategy is bound to apply to all the major departments in which the crime rate is high. The major point of this strategy is that the government is also urging the local authorities to help them in curbing the crime. This strategy has been well thought and researched, however on the contrary loopholes can still be viewed in the government’s policy. This essay would further describe the short comings of the strategy with accordance to its implementations and approaches.
The Governments Crime Reduction Strategy aims to reduce all the crime happenings in the UK. To do this firstly they aim to raise the performance of the police and Crime &amp. Disorder reduction partnership. The policy has set out particular points and invested a hefty amount of budget to bring up the forces together. However in my view the problem with raising the performance is that proper research has not be done in regard to both these units. The research which should have been done would show as to in which areas are these forces lacking and as to how these areas should be met according to the requirements of the forces. Similarly the policy tends to provide both these units with an adequate number of officers but do not lay down a plan to collaborate with the local authorities. To curb out crime it is necessary that the authorities have a strong hold over the local authorities who can inform the forces about the wrongs of the area. Similarly the corruption inside the forces itself is not laid down by the policy and the corruption (if there is any) might prevail even after the proposed initiatives of the plan. The force should not only be trained properly but should be given experience by keeping the trainees at different levels. They should be given expertise by the senior executives who have already gone through the situations of crime. A DNA database would not resolve all the issues of vehicle tracking and burglary, innovative measures such as closed circuit television systems should be installed to avoid burglaries to happen. The main aim of the strategy is to reduce burglary and property crime, however other crimes such as killing and knife crime is also common in the areas. The strategy should not be oriented towards certain crimes but it should target all the crimes which are happening in the areas. Similarly the assumption that if the manufacturers produce good quality products for housing purposes then the burglaries would lower down is wrong. As the burglars usually tend to track down the housing make and then commit the act.

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Automotive Design. Download file to see pre

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Automotive Design.
Download file to see previous pages… When an automobile is being designed the customer’s taste and expectation plays a very important role, as it affects the market and the sales. The competition in the automobile industry is growing day after day. Every company is trying hard to out beat the other in providing the customer with the best possible design and engineering. The future of automotive design will see different kinds of automobiles, such as, eco-friendly vehicles, custom made vehicles, vehicles that are not too heavy on the pocket and suit the lower middle class section of the society.
Eco-friendly vehicles are on the rise. Moving away from the traditional form of fuel, that is petrol and diesel, vehicles are being designed to run on gas. Gas is not only cheaper than petrol and diesel. it is also fuel efficient and gives the vehicle a better mileage. Designing fuel efficient vehicles is on the rise as people are looking for vehicles that are cost effective and easy to maintain. Another advantage of vehicles that run gas or electricity is that they are eco-friendly and produce less pollution.
Another design feature that is growing is start-stop.